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A minimum order is $60

Snack in the office, Delivery of meals, Delivery canapés IN Saskatoon

 Our company offers a variety of snacks to the office, namely baking delivery, canapés, tartlets, fruit, dessert for any occasion in your home or office. As well as a comprehensive organization of receptions, banquets, coffee breaks on request.

No holiday in a relaxed friendly atmosphere can not do without congratulations and delicious dishes. The simplest and at the same time professional way to organize a holiday - it's a snack in the office, canapés or use our service "order buffet table in the office", because the organization of such events requires a lot of organizational skills, professionalism, as well as the relevant skills.

Company «CateringBestCakes» provides a range of services, from delivery of canapés and cocktail party appetizers and ending with the organization thoroughly planned events "turnkey" for the organization of receptions, banquets, coffee breaks that will impress any guest. The high standards of service will allow for a festive event at the highest level.

Why book canapés and Stand-up Meal from us:

• A wide range of meals and snacks (tapas and tartlets, table snacks, sandwiches and burgers, hot snacks, delicious desserts, etc.);

• Use only fresh and organic products;

• Execution and delivery of the order in strictly stipulated time;

• Free shipping snacks (for orders of $ 200);

• Perform all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Snack in the office in SASKATOON


Order our delivery of canapés and cocktail party blyud- is one of the easiest and most effective ways to solve the issue on the organization of the festive table in your office or at home. A timed coffee break or Dinner at the office during business meeting, not only to support the force, but also greatly enhance the mood of employees and business partners. Snacks in the office will help solve the problem of power and not be distracted from solving current business issues.

Choose delivery canapes and appetizers cocktail party or buffet exit from the company «CaterinBestCakes» and we will gladly brought into your life a delicious variety and professionally decorate your holiday

Home delivery!

 Catering Delivery from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  207-3013 McClocklin Road, Saskatoon. 

Call: (306) 491-0168 

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$ 30,00
California with shrimp (EBI) Weight 180/10/3 of 6 pcs. Rice, ...
$ 6,00
California with crab meat Weight 180/10/3 of 6 pcs. Rice, ...
$ 7,00
Pikul on skewers Composition: Baby pickles on a skewer (gherkins, ...
$ 2,00
California with eel (UNAGI) Weight 180/10/3 of 6 pcs. Rice, ...
$ 6,00
Fresh vegetables on skewers Composition: Fresh vegetables (cherry ...
$ 2,00
California with Tuna (MAGURO) Weight 180/10/3 of 6 pcs. Rice, ...
$ 5,00
Rolls of eggplant with vegetable ratatouille Composition: ...
$ 2,00
California salmon Weight 180/10/3 of 6 pcs. Rice, cucumber, ...
$ 5,00




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